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A Look into Stardom's Queens Quest!

image courtesy of Stardom

A Look into Stardom's Queens Quest!

Written by: Erica L

Hey, wrestling maniacs! Buckle up because we're diving deep into the labyrinth of ladies' professional wrestling, especially our Stardom divas. Imagine a battleground full of fierce factions, jaw-dropping betrayals, and power games, and you've got Stardom! It's like the "Game of Thrones" of the wrestling world, but with more powerbombs and suplexes.

Now, recently, Club Venus made like a spaceship and rocketed out of the Cosmic Angels orbit. New rookies are pledging loyalty to the different factions, making the already convoluted landscape even more electrifying! Oh, and we mustn't forget our champions carrying those shiny championship belts that shine as bright as their wrestling prowess. And amidst this chaos, our reigning queens - Queens Quest, led by our champ, Utami Hayashishita. You can't help but feel a shiver of excitement!

Speaking of Utami, born on a beautiful September day in '98 in Amami Oshima, Kagoshima, this woman is a BEAST! She's 166cm of pure power and will take you down before you can even blink. Did I mention she has a judo background? How cool is that? With her signature brawling style, she's defended countless titles and proven time and time again why she's the queen of Queens Quest.

This queen doesn't rule alone, though! She's got her warriors, Saya Kamitani, the Wonder Championship record holder (girl got moves!); Azumi, the High-Speed Champion; the twin cyclone, Hina; the towering titan, Lady C; and our rising star, Miyu Amasaki. Together, they make Queens Quest a faction you wouldn't want to mess with!

Let's rewind the tape to 2016, the birth of Queens Quest. It's a thrilling saga filled with backstabbing, power struggles, and surprise alliances. Queens Quest's trophy room is overflowing with titles and accolades, a testament to their hard-fought battles. They've got young bloods rising to the occasion and veterans like Utami, who once juggled four championship titles! Can you imagine the muscles you'd need for that?

However, the journey to glory wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. Momo Watanabe, the Sagamihara-born wrestling prodigy, shockingly turned heel, which rocked the entire Stardom like a magnitude nine earthquake! This 157cm dynamite was famed for her Peach Thunder and Peach Sunrise – two moves you'd pray you're never on the receiving end of.

Today, Queens Quest is under the fierce leadership of Utami, Saya Kamitani, and Azumi. These ladies are not just training the young guns but also solidifying Queens Quest's claim to the throne. Like a well-oiled wrestling machine, they are ready to grapple their way to glory. And trust me, you'd want a front-row seat to this action-packed saga.