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Dancing in Darkness: Starlight Kid's Fierce Resolve for 5★STAR GP Glory

image courtesy of Stardom

Dancing in Darkness: Starlight Kid's Fierce Resolve for 5★STAR GP Glory

Written by: Stacy T

Starlight Kid, the "Sky Tiger Dancing in Darkness," is gearing up for Stardom's 5★STAR GP and she’s got her eyes on the prize. This is not just a tournament; it's a battlefield where 20 warriors clash in nine official matches, vying for a spot in the final championship. A star that shines in the night, she stands determined and resolute, in spite of her recent defeat at the Yokohama Budokan against Nanae Takahashi (Proresu Today).

The aftermath of the Yokohama Budokan match left a profound mark on Starlight Kid. In the shadowy quiet of the backstage, she confessed, "The gap from last year within me is extremely large." She's not just chasing the spotlight; she's wrestling with the specter of her own past. There's a wrestler in the heart of Starlight Kid who's been laying dormant, and she's determined to awaken that fighter once again.

In her candid words, you find the raw, unfiltered spirit of a true warrior. "No matter how painful, how tough, I must push forward as a wrestler," she said, the echo of her own determination reverberating in the silent air. Even in the face of defeat, she was defiant, stating "I must move forward, otherwise nothing begins."

She even seemed to plead with the powers that be, saying, "Going into my eighth year of career, wouldn't a seven-match series be interesting? Hey, what does the company think? Please let me fight more and more heated battles." The spark in her eyes was hard to miss. Here was a woman who was as in love with wrestling as the day she first stepped into the ring.

Talking about the burning passion she experienced during the match, she said, "27 years into her career, she's as old as my mother, but her ability to create such a heated match is definitely due to her accumulated experience." Yet she's not dismayed, her love for women's wrestling is unyielding. She continued, "Career and experience may be important, but I love women's wrestling, and with that passion, I believe I can deliver more than what I did today... I should be able to do more, yet recently I've struggled to connect that to results."

Starlight Kid's determination to claim her position at the top of the wrestling world is unwavering, and she's not just content to play a part in the crowd. "As a masked woman, I want to achieve many historical firsts," she declared, her sights set on the Singles Championship.

The "Sky Tiger Dancing in Darkness" is making her move, and she's prepared to push the limits, even if it means surpassing the likes of Mayu Iwatani. For Starlight Kid, every rival is a stepping stone, but there is one rival who stands out: "My existence lacks significance unless I become Mayu Iwatani's rival."

A triple consecutive year appears to be in her destiny, with her sights set on a final battle against Mayu Iwatani. However, she's not solely aiming for the IWGP Women's Championship. No, her priority lies in acquiring the Red and White belts, "I wish to win against Tam Nakano in this league match. In fact, I intend to secure an outright victory."

Her burning desire for competition, coupled with her sharp, focused ambition, are what make Starlight Kid's upcoming matches in the 5★STAR GP a spectacle that can't be missed. Here's to the "Sky Tiger Dancing in Darkness," as she gets ready to roar on the grandest stage of them all!