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Giulia Resilient in Defeat: Targets Artist of Stardom Title in Epic May Showdown

image courtesy of Tokyo Sports

Giulia Resilient in Defeat: Targets Artist of Stardom Title in Epic May Showdown

Written by: Stacy T

In the vast theatre of women's professional wrestling, one femme fatale has stirred the pot – Giulia, the London-born spitfire of Stardom. The battle arena reeled as she recently lost her Red Belt World of Stardom title in a heart-stopping duel against Tam Nakano, her chief adversary. An unexpected turn of events indeed, halting Giulia's grandeur aspirations, notably the lofty dream of challenging Mercedes Moné for the World of Stardom and IWGP Women's titles.

However, this stirring dame is not one to wallow in defeat. With a glint of determination in her eyes, Giulia has now turned her gaze towards the Artist of Stardom championship, a six-woman tag title. Come May 27th, the grand stage of the Ōta City General Gymnasium shall witness Giulia and her comrades, Thekla and Mai Sakurai of Donna Del Mondo, square off against the reigning champions, Restart.

This half-Japanese, half-Italian prodigy, standing a substantial 162cm tall, weighing 55kg, and born on a chilly February day in 1994, has come a long way since her professional debut in October 2017. From the hallowed wrestling rings of the Ice Ribbon Korakuen Hall event to numerous title wins, Giulia's rise to prominence in the Stardom wrestling federation is nothing short of meteoric.

Giulia's path to glory, however, is far from a lonely one. Awaiting her in the championship ring are Restart, a dynamic duo composed of Natsupoi and Anou Saori. The traitorous Natsupoi, having abandoned Donna Del Mondo for Cosmic Angels, adds a delicious twist to the impending bout. Despite her petite stature, this Yokohama native's agility and flexibility have earned her the High Speed title.

Saori, the other half of the Restart, announced her return to Stardom with an air of anticipation. Having sparred with the likes of Kairi and Mayu Iwatani in her 2015 debut, Saori carries with her the catchphrase "absolute resilience," a fitting testament to her six-year hiatus and return.

Adding to the drama, a tense standoff unfolded between Giulia and Kairi, respective faction leaders, at a recent press conference. Kairi, the Yamaguchi prefecture's gift to wrestling, is a decorated veteran known for her tenure in the American WWE, and her signature Insane Elbow is a spectacle to behold. Having first grappled with Yuzuki Aikawa in 2012, Kairi's journey has seen her claim two major titles in Stardom, and even a WWE women's tag championship in America. Despite losing her belt, Kairi's return to Stardom will indeed turn heads.

In the chaotic dance that is professional wrestling, one never knows where the next twist will come from. What we do know is that this May, we're in for a treat. Stay tuned, wrestling enthusiasts; the best is yet to come.