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Stardom Shakeup: Prominence Dethroned and Suzuki Suzu's Uncharted Future Ignites Excitement!

image courtesy of Stardom

Stardom Shakeup: Prominence Dethroned and Suzuki Suzu's Uncharted Future Ignites Excitement!

Written by: Erica L

Hey there, fellow wrestling fanatics! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating turn of events in women's pro wrestling, as Stardom's six-woman tag team division just got a whole lot more interesting. Imagine the shockwaves when, during the Artist of Stardom Championship match, our beloved Prominence trio - Sera Risa, Suzuki Suzu, and Hiiragi Kurumi - faced a surprising defeat at the hands of the fresh-faced team of Kairi, Natsupoi, and Anou Saori! I can hardly contain my excitement at this unforeseen turn!

Prominence, that awe-inspiring quintet led by the fierce Sera Risa, had been on a roll - conquering the seemingly invincible Oedo Tai to snag the belts and triumph in the Triangle Derby. The other fearless faction members include Natsumi Mochi, Hiiragi Kurumi, Fujita Akane, and Suzuki Suzu. These hardcore deathmatch divas - all former Ice Ribbon free agents - boldly stood out amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and boy, did they deliver!

Picture this: the mighty Prominence storms into Stardom at Aichi Gymnasium on January 29th, 2022, and immediately throws down the gauntlet to Donna Del Mondo, headed by the enigmatic Giulia. Remember when Giulia made that jaw-dropping switch from Ice Ribbon to Stardom in November 2019 with just a tweet? Talk about stirring the pot!

At first, the drama revolved around the tense rivalry between former allies Suzuki Suzu and Giulia. But lo and behold, through the power of wrestling, they reconciled, and Prominence kept rocking Stardom as a fearsome faction, free of grudges. These hardcore deathmatch trailblazers have taken on male wrestlers, proving they're not just tough - they're downright unstoppable!

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Now, let's talk about that shocking victory by Kairi, Natsupoi, and Anou Saori over Prominence. With Suzuki Suzu announcing her departure from the group after a brutal fluorescent light tube deathmatch against Jun Kasai, we're left wondering, "What's next for our girl Suzu?" Will she join forces with Giulia's Donna Del Mondo or start a new faction altogether? One thing's for sure: this 20-year-old dynamo from Miyazaki, standing at 153 centimeters and weighing 52 kilograms, has her eyes locked on the coveted World of Stardom Championship, held by the formidable Nakano Tam.

I, for one, am on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what the future holds for Suzuki Suzu in Stardom and beyond! Oh, the anticipation!