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Strapped In Stardom: Natsupoi VS Saori Anou in an Unprecedented Indian Strap Match

image courtesy of Stardom

Strapped In Stardom: Natsupoi VS Saori Anou in an Unprecedented Indian Strap Match

Written by: Drunk Rick

In the rowdy, sweaty, Spandex-clad circus that is pro wrestling, a tiny fairy is about to face off against an unyielding she-beast. And trust me, this ain't no fairy tale.

Remember the "Fairy" of Stardom, Natsupoi? She's the spry, 27-year-old wisp who has been bouncing off the ropes since 2015. Don't be fooled by her pixie-like demeanor; her punches pack more of a wallop than the last chapter of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

On the other side of the ring, we've got Saori Anou, the 32-year-old who has about as much quit in her as a caffeinated toddler with a new toy drum set. Both these gals cut their wrestling teeth on the same day at the Actress Girls' Shinkiba event in 2015, and their rivalry has been simmering ever since, like a spicy chili stew that's about to blow its lid.

In a recent press conference, Natsupoi, who usually has the emotional range of a sidewalk, cranked her feelings dial up to 11. With a pop of a giant cracker, she cried, "8 years! 8 years!" and proceeded to reveal her insecurities about her friend and fiercest rival, Saori. Can you smell that, folks? That's raw, human emotion seasoned with a hearty dose of professional competition. Gordon Ramsay would be proud.

Now, Saori, cool as a cucumber and twice as crunchy, fired back with, "I want to face Natsumi. I want to fight." Ouch! I've seen subtler proposals in Vegas at 2 a.m. Natsupoi's reply? She jotted down a big, fat 'No' on a piece of paper. Talk about a rejection! I bet even the paper felt the sting.

And just when you thought this was turning into a soap opera, things got even juicier. Natsupoi admitted, with eyes welling up, that Saori was the one opponent she dreaded losing to most. Saori countered, revealing she'd been itching to confront Natsupoi ever since her return to Stardom after a six-year hiatus.

And, because every wrestling showdown needs a little more spice, their face-off will be in an "Indian Strap Match," where their wrists are tied together. Rossi Ogawa, the executive producer, served up this idea, a move as brilliantly diabolical as mixing wasabi in your friend's toothpaste. This fight promises to be a teeth-gritting, nail-biting, popcorn-spilling spectacle.

When it comes to rivalries, this one's got more bad blood than a Transylvanian vampire on a bender. Natsupoi, our dear fairy, vows to crush Saori with everything she's got. Saori, unyielding as always, seems ready to face the challenge. The Yokohama Budokan event on July 2nd promises to be a clash of titans, or rather, a fairy and a she-beast.

So grab your popcorn, folks, and buckle up for a ride more thrilling than a rollercoaster on rocket fuel. It's about to get real in the wrestling world!